Friday, September 14, 2012

Master a string of licks

One sure way to learn about music is to find a good teacher, in my opinion he should be one who-will not inundate you with a load of useless information which serves no place in this life or the next but one who can teach how to progress quickly.

One influential way to encourage students to enjoy each lesson is to give them songs which are easy to play and as they become better at playing the song do the same song with some chord variation.

When your student studies some simple licks and is able to master them with ease, it’s time to introduce some more challenging licks. To many chords and licks which hurt your fingers are like to much fat in the frying pan, no good for anybody.

There many ways to go about learning a string of licks, one player who was very good with coming up with tasteful licks was Albert Collins who sadly passed away in 1993 due to lung cancer.

If the style of licks you like is more like the style of Neal Young then perhaps you may cater for learning chords both with a pick and with your fingers. Many early Led Zeppelin tracks execute this style and are extremely popular amongst many students from all over the world.

No matter what your musical education background is anybody can learn to play an instrument with a good teacher. The reason is you always feel like your progressing which makes attending the next lesson very encouraging

A bad teacher tries to teach you things which are way to advanced for your level of playing and you begin to not enjoy taking lessons with him due to his limited teaching approach.